The Real Body Balm

100% Shea Butter “Butyrospermum Parkii” Combination with Kun Wing Fook Formula

When Mode de Vie Decided to develop our 100% Shea Butter we wanted to make sure that ours customers would receive the highest quality oil we could provide them.
That is why we obtain this unique product throughout low temperature crystallization from selected Shea Butter Shea Butter contains 9% unsaponifiable which help to nourish the skin. It's also makes an excellent quick massage butter and providing the therapeutic benefits keeping the skin elasticity.
Shea butter alone is a great moisturizer mixed with the Kun Wing Fook formula, it will easily helps the formula to penetrates into the skin warming up your muscles.
Synergy of two formulas which have demonstrated their efficiency and power for relief of muscle pain and which encourage a sensation of well- being.
The subtle mix of an association of "the Real balm" and the formula of Dr eminent Asian doctor Kun Wing Fook who has prepared a soothing balm muscles nearly 100 years.
External use only Availability. 
Model: 787038020018
Manufacturer: Mode de vie Supply
Net weight 2.46 oz  / 70 Grs also travel size Net weight 25 Grs / 0.88 oz
Packed in Hong Kong

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